We are at the forefront of creating new travel & hospitality experiences to make you feel completely at ease during your stay. It is our genuine service - exceeding the expectations of our guests - which is actually the cornerstone of our reputation. We continuously monitor our system to give you even more competitive rates...

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Welcome to Ekanta Apan Tours & Travels - a new landmark in the travel and lodging industry where facilities and utilities constantly upgrade keeping pace with the latest trends. Synthesizing convenience, comfort and luxury to compliment business and leisure needs Ekanta Apan Tours & Travels unfolds the best lodging and travel experience you could ever asked for in this part of the country. It is here that style meets luxury, comfort meet cause to give you your exclusive domain of holidaying that you would cherish in times to come... >> more

Holiday homes at Puri, rated 'excellent' by travelers, welcomes you to a life time experience at this blue ocean destination known as Puri. The holiday homes are well appointed with rooms having all modern facilities and amenities of a luxury hotel. Magnificent view from the holiday homes will be more then enough to take you to the memoirs of lifetime.

Why Ekanta Apan ???

We continuously commit to excellence and attend to perfection.
Its our care that speaks for itself as we embrace your association.
It is our personalized efficient service that ensures comfort.
We exude a graceful and timeless elegance.

What is our Travel Identity ???

With our vast exposure in travel and tourism industry we are able to organize package and customized tours. We render these tours and travel services with the help of our reliable tour planners travel consultants tour crew and guides.

What is so unique about Ekanta Apan ???

Our service always exceeds the expectations of our guests.
Our  hospitality makes you feel completely at ease during your stay.
We strive to give you even more competitive rates in future.
Even higher quality service and hospitality is what we envisage.

What is our Future Identity ???

With each passing year we have always been evolving and emerging with more feathers to our cap just for you. Stay & Tour can be much more memorable and for that we are preparing ourselves to provide you with lots of augmented facilities.

Travel experience with Ekanta Apan is compared to none. Their ever alert attention to all details make them stand apart in the crowd. They always make it a point to see even all minute issues to make your tour a pleasurable one. If ever I make a second tour I will always choose Ekanta Apan. Not only this, I will always suggest every one who wants to take a holiday tour to at least experience Ekanta Apan once in their life time... From: Mr. Saibal Chatterjee on Ekanta Apan Tours & Travels.